High School Cottage Course

What is the Arbores High School Cottage Course?

This program is an extension of Arbores Homeschool Community. This unique program allows your High School student to attend classes 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and offers support through their High School experience. As an option to High School students only, we are offering this program as a drop off program.

Epsilon (High School) students will join in our normal community day classes on Tuesday and will then continue their in person learning on Thursday. The other days of the week the students will be given assignments to finish at home.

In addition to what we offer on our Tuesday community day, on Thursday we will be adding a math program/tutoring, along with focused projects and activities to help them learn to work in groups, explore careers, and prepare for life after high school, whether that be college, trade school, or entering the workforce.

For more information and to schedule a time to chat please email us at cottageclasses@arborescommunity.org